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Lots of activities for unforgettable vacations

Animation for the little ones

Our entertainment service, active only at certain times of the year, offers many different kinds of motor activities, from handicrafts to sports, related to nature and animals, to entertain and amuse all our little guests. Your children will look forward to carefree hours in the company of our entertainment staff, with thousands of games and super fun activities throughout the day, while you parents can enjoy the relaxation of our SPA, safe in the knowledge that your children are always in a safe and stimulating environment.

Entertainment for your children

What could be better than setting off on a vacation with children and knowing that a unique and qualified entertainment staff is ready to keep them entertained and entertained at all times of the day, while you parents can enjoy a relaxing stay?

Dear parents from us at Kairos Resort, all this is a reality. Come and find out for yourself. Workshops, games, sports activities and stimulating experiences are just a few examples of all that your children will find here with us. We are waiting for you!